Tuesday, July 11, 2017

The Sanskrit DNA of 'Friend'

Priyajana प्रियजन [Sanskrit, = dear person] 
Friyajana (p > ph > f )
Frijajana (y > j)
Frijadana (j > d as in Sanskrit words Jyoti ज्योति to Dyuti द्युति; vijyoti विज्योती to vidyut विद्युत् )
Frijanada (interchange of sequence of letters d & n)
Frijond  [Gothic]
Frijojanan [Proto-Germanic] 
Friunt  [Middle High German] 
Freund [German] 
Friund [OldFrisian]
Frændi [Old Norse]
Freond [Old English, = friend, lover relative]

Friend [English]

Note: The etymology of friend presented here is my personal view. It is different from the established etymology by linguists who say that the European languages came from proto-Indo-European language and not from Sanskrit. 

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